Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Top tips to avoid cyberbullying

This year Anti-Bullying Week focuses on cyber-bullying.
Here are 10 tips from the Anti-Bullying Alliance for how to avoid being bullied online.
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1. Don’t take everything to heart

Even though it might be hard, try not to get upset by other people’s comments.

2. Don’t ever give out your own or your friends’ personal information

This tip is for any kind of cyber/text/phone/gaming/online communication- make sure you don’t ever make your personal information public- always check privacy settings on the site you are using.

3. Digital Tattoos

Be careful what you put out into cyber-space. Pictures/comments and any other information you put out into the cyber-world might stay there forever. So think before you upload.

4. Understand the app!

All apps/website/social networking sites/gaming have different settings. Make sure you know the privacy/safety settings and how the app works.
If this is an app which automatically posts your pictures into the public eye- not just to your friends then, is it something you really want to use?

5. Block and report

If you do have a bad experience online, then know that you are able to block and report people to protect yourself from any more contact with them.

6. #BeCarefulWhatYouHashtag

When you hashtag a comment, this means that ANYONE can search for that hashtag and see your comment/image and look at your profile.

7. Be a cyber-defender

Everyone, including YOU have the power to be a hero.
If you see an unkind comment or image - don’t share it or like it. Something which may look ‘just funny’ to you, might be really hurting another person’s feelings.
 And if you see something really hurtful/mean/scary/wrong- then screen shot it and report it.

8. Talk

If you are being cyber or real-world bullied then talk to someone you trust to listen and sort out the problem. This might be a parent, teacher or friend.
Never forget that you aren’t alone, sharing your problem is the best thing you can do.

9. Save evidence

If you are being bullied online then you might think deleting the comments/images will make you feel better.
But, if you do want to report the person - the best thing you can do is SAVE the evidence - screen shot the comments and save them somewhere safe.

10. Policing the internet

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel frightened or upset by repeated bullying and bad behaviour on the internet then you can go to the police.
Some kinds of bad behaviour online are seen as harassment and the police can help in some cases. But you must build up evidence- so don’t forget to screen shot!