Cyberbullying is when a person or group of people uses technology to humiliate or threaten someone else. More children your age than you would think are a victim of cyberbullying. If you think someone is cyberbullying tell an adult straight away.

Here are some top tips to prevent cyberbullying:

  • Don't post any of your personal information online.
  • Do not tell anyone your password. 
  • Think very carefully before posting photos of yourself online. That picture you post is can be copied and sent to other people online.
  • Never respond to a bully online, they want you to retaliate so they can hurt you more. 
  • Block any users that send you messages that you do not like.
  • Save and print out any bullying messages it could be used for evidence later as they might delete what they have written.
  • Write down time and dates when some is bullying you online. You could also note their username.
  • Don't pass on cyberbullying videos or messages.
  • If someone is attacking you online repeatedly change you ID. 
  • Don't ignore it. If you see cyberbullying going on, report it and offer your support.
  • Google yourself every now and again. It will show you what is online about you and what others can see and you can make changes if you don't like what you see.
Always tell an adult if you are being cyberbullied, you can speak to parents / guardians, teachers or the school councillor.

Make sure you never cyberbully anyone there could be serious consequences. You will get into trouble with your school and the law. Take this cyberbully quiz:

For more information on cyberbullying:

Advice from a Wildern Pupil