Online Gaming

It is very easy to have access to any gaming site and play any game you want with potentially anyone you want around the world.

Try to manage the time you spend on computer games

Gaming is meant to be fun and a great way to relax after school. However they are some dangers and risks, especially if you play games online.

Potential Danger and Risks
  • If you are playing online games be aware that not everyone will be the same age as you. Try and stick to playing with friends you know in real life. There is software that can change voices so other players may pretend to be younger than they are. Some players may use games to try and groom children. 

  • Some games may have content which could upset you, make sure you know the rating of the game you are playing. Look at this site to view Game Pegi Ratings

  • Try to manage your time online, it could affect your health, school work and your family. Make sure it does not turn into an addiction.
  • Tell a trusted adult if something upsets you. Check how to report, block, or mute other players before you start playing.